Medicare was created in 1965...

...and people have been confused ever since.

Nashville and All of Tennessee - we have you covered

Iā€™m a licensed and certified Medicare insurance broker based in Nashville and appointed as an Medicare agent in Tennessee with Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, Humana, United Health Care, Bright, WellCare, Amerigroup, and Mutual of Omaha. With so many options available, I can help you choose the plan that fits your needs best.

Below are some of the options available, but you won't be getting all three: you'll want to get either a Supplement and a drug plan or an Advantage plan.  And ask me about dental coverage when we talk.


Part D Drug Plans

Let's start here. If you have the red, white, and blue card, you are required to have "creditable" drug coverage. Think Part D, think drug coverage. Make sure you need  buy a stand alone drug plan before spending dollars unnecessarily. You are eligible to obtain a Part D plan if you have either Part A or Part B. But what if you're still working at age 65...? 

Medigap chart.jpg

Medicare Supplements

Supplements are designed to work with traditional Medicare and cover some of the costs that Medicare doesn't pay. Also known as Medigap plans, supplements are available from private insurance carriers. Important to know: they work anywhere inside the United States. To be eligible for a Medicare Supplement, you must have both Parts A and B of Medicare.


Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage plans are available through private insurance companies and are known as Part C.  In Tennessee, we have both HMO and PPO Advantage plans, which means you have doctor networks. These plans may not be for everyone, but do provide strong value.